Settle in


Settle in

The value of any system implementation is realized after go-live. Sometimes, you just have to go-live without all the functionalities sorted out. But it shouldn’t stay that way. At mSE we're your partners in supporting your solution. Let's build your Center of Excellence, together.

Key user coaching

Business process refresher training

Solution gap closure

Admin coaching

The post-implementation phase is a journey in itself

Our VES consultants ensure your supply chain organization adopts the new system.


Step 1: Get help

New systems come with new processes and ways of working together and mSE’s Support helps your team remember what’s supposed to be done.


Step 2: Get cleaned up

Often small the system fine tuning brings big benefits to the users - and that what creates their buy-in.


Step 3: Take over

We help your users become key users and system administrators and help them ask the right questions to the rest of the users.

Accelerated system adoption

Semiconductor manufacturer, USA


The accelerated system implementation created uncertainty among the supply chain organization about the RR’s capabilities.

VES Solution

mSE quickly resolved go-live defects, supported deep-dive testing and implemented post-go-live enhancements


Capture the solution value, organizational buy-in and easier adoption.

Adapting for Success: How Value Evolution Services Will Help Your Company Thrive

To thrive in a changing environment – in business and nature – requires quick learning how to adapt oneself. It is not necessarily the most resourceful or most intelligent who survives, but the one most willing to embrace evolution and change.


Meet the expert
Meet the expert

Andreas Radke

Play to your strengths. Complement your weaknesses with the right players on your team.

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Andreas Radke

Play to your strengths. Complement your weaknesses with the right players on your team.

Director Value Evolution Service Practice Lead
15+ years in industry
6 years at mSE