Reach further


Reach further

Ever felt like your employees don’t understand how supply chains can work? Maybe you've heard the familiar refrain: 'We've always done it this way,' or 'It's not me, it’s Sales. I just have to live with this.’ If these sentiments from your organization sound familiar, it's time for a fresh perspective. We'll ensure your team not only comprehends supply chains but also adapts to new strategies seamlessly.

Role and process building and training

Analyze solution usage

Staff upskilling

Continuous improvement training

Take your organization to the next supply chain maturity level

Our VES consultants show what’s possible and guide your team.


Step 1: Supply Chain Bootcamp

Map your team members’ capabilities and lift them through targeted training. Take the training into the system and leverage the functionalities.


Step 2: Take Ownership

Change the culture of your supply chain organization to identify potential and tap into it autonomously - continuously and quickly.


Step 3: Manage the Change

We tell, we teach and we involve your team members to let them scale their supply chain maturity and be the organization they were meant be.

Clarity for senior management

Pharma company, USA


Senior management had serious doubt about the organizational potential to grow into mature supply chain organization enabled by an advanced planning system.

VES Solution

mSE assessed entire supply chain organization to identify available baseline, and aligned the organization around business process, including SCM and lean management training.


Organizational capability, self-efficacy and capacity for growth increased to open up the next level of supply chain maturity.

Adapting for Success: How Value Evolution Services Will Help Your Company Thrive

To thrive in a changing environment – in business and nature – requires quick learning how to adapt oneself. It is not necessarily the most resourceful or most intelligent who survives, but the one most willing to embrace evolution and change.


Meet the expert
Meet the expert

Andreas Radke

Play to your strengths. Complement your weaknesses with the right players on your team.

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Andreas Radke

Play to your strengths. Complement your weaknesses with the right players on your team.

Director Value Evolution Service Practice Lead
15+ years in industry
6 years at mSE