OpenPlatform - Connect your Tribal Processes


Open Platform and
Process Orchestration

In today’s challenging supply chain landscape, many companies can no longer afford to retain outdated, single dimensional models to conduct their business.


Open Platform Features

–– Integration

We partner with our clients by connecting the dots, focusing on an orchestrated workflow engine and implementing pragmatic digitalization solutions that allow you to begin exactly where you are and map where you want to be. Through our integrated Workflow Engine component, we define, customize and monitor supply chain processes according to BPMN central module standards.

–– Insights

Our PowerBI, including Analytics Server and Tableau modules, creates interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities directly enabling high-quality reporting and analysis. An intuitive interface allows end-users to generate their own reports and dashboards. Angular, our data maintenance module, gives users the ability to manually adjust or augment data which is then written to the database, enabling parameter maintenance and what-if analysis.

–– Algorithms

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning modules are used for open integration to analytical logic domains, optimizing intelligent data analysis or automated decision making. TensorFlow and ML.NET give clients the oppor-tunity to learn from their data and make a statement or prediction through sentiment analysis, price prediction, fraud detection and more. In addition, our Optimization Module offers a suite of analytical and heuristic algorithms targeted at finding the blind spots and turning them into potential supply chain gold mines.

–– Digital SC Twin

Our Digital SC Twin module creates a sandbox of information involving ongoing or planned activities along the end-to-end supply chain in digital form. From the markets and customers to the raw material and functional boundaries, the digital SC twin eliminates disconnects and allows better decision making at every stage of your supply chain.

–– Data Hub

The more you can see, the more you can decide what’s right for your business. Through our Smart Help module, we offer the end user a Content Management System (CMS) approach to displaying and maintaining data. Our DataHub module provides a ready-to-use data repository by building an application-agnostic layer with a single harmonized view of all relevant data. Through the principal component of our Import module, we offer clients the option to integrate file-based data into the Open Platform, manually or automatically. With support for many file formats incl EDI, our Data Hub approach is an easy and smart way to import data.

Connect your Tribal Processes

In Gartner’s Market Guide for Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain, supply chain analysts Christian Titze and Noha Tohamy explain the importance of moving towards cross-functional, horizontal e2e integration, given today’s focus on functional sophistication within vertical silos. Many companies can no longer afford to retain outdated, single dimensional if they want to sustain success. As organizations continue to navigate both internal and external disruptions, the need for an integrated, agile, resilient and innovative bridge is more necessary than ever before.

Detect “tribal workflows” as the blind spot and leverage success of your digital transformation.

In light of “Digitalization,” the business world is extremely excited about technologies such as AI and ML. There is a deep, underlying belief in the claim of many software vendors’ yelling that tech and systems resolve everything. The problem? Less than 30% of digital transformation initiatives succeed in achieving their objectives. Once again, technology blinders have pushed the process out of focus. Our CEO, Klaus Imping, is so passionate about questioning the technology paradigm and applying workflow first, he is the process of writing a book about it. To find out more about this must read coming soon please click below.

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