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The Marina Bay Sands roof terrace in Singapore is an impressive feat of architecture. It has the unique and all-important purpose of horizontally connecting the three individual towers beneath it – creating a true bridge of agility, resilience and innovation.

"Connect" your Tribal Processes

In Gartner’s Market Guide for Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain, supply chain analysts Christian Titze and Noha Tohamy explain the importance of moving towards cross-functional, horizontal e2e integration, given today’s focus on functional sophistication within vertical silos. Many companies can no longer afford to retain outdated, single dimensional if they want to sustain success. As organizations continue to navigate both internal and external disruptions, the need for an integrated, agile, resilient and innovative bridge is more necessary than ever before.

OpenPlatform takes the core building blocks of integration, insights, algorithms, digital supply chain twin and data hub and bridges together disparate silos and integrates e2e processes, linking systems by means of digitalization and bridging the gaps of cognitive process automation.OpenPlatform considers the importance of speed, quality and cost by focusing on a collaborative approach to cross-silo configuration, allowing for more efficient process integrations and fostering the ability for decision making to become innovatively orchestrated, end-to-end.

As the Market Guide suggests, supply chain technology leaders responsible for the selection of analytics and intelligence technology do so by building a cohesive technology roadmap. OpenPlatform directly reflects the discovery of what systems exist in a company’s landscape, identifying blind spots and unlocking their potential. OpenPlatform leverages advanced analytics, connects data sources and gives clients the ability for quick decision making, building the bridge to agility, resilience and innovation.

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OpenPlatform as a "Bridge"


The more you can pivot and change, the easier it will be to decide what’s right for your end-to-end supply chain. OpenPlatform adapts to the priorities of our clients, stopping the need for workarounds and a specific technology vendor dependency. Our strategic roadmap combines data and connectivity, using industry standards which enable creative process assembly, giving our clients the freedom to customize their solution offering and reach a higher level of automated process connectivity.


By providing visibility to horizontal process integration workflow capabilities, driving efficiency, scalability, and an overall improved customer experience, OpenPlatform creates resilient e2e processes, linking systems by means of digitalization and opening the door towards cognitive process automation. OpenPlatform offers a suite of analytical and heuristic algorithms targeted at not only discovering the blind spots - but turning them into potential supply chain gold mines. OpenPlatform connects each element of the individual workflow with technology, creating a long-lasting solution instead of a stop gap one


OpenPlatform considers the importance of speed, quality and cost by creating an interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities directly enabling high-quality reporting and analysis. An intuitive interface allows end-users to generate their own reports and dashboards. OpenPlatform gives users the ability to manually adjust or augment data enabling a diverse portfolio of what-if analysis. By combining our data analytics and intelligence options with our truly cross-siloed approach, Open Platform offers clients exactly the right mix of agility, resilience and innovation they need to navigate today’s supply chain landscape.

"Tribal processes"...What?

Detect “tribal workflows” as the blind spot and leverage success of your digital transformation.

In light of “Digitalization,” the business world is extremely excited about technologies such as AI and ML. There is a deep, underlying belief in the claim of many software vendors’ yelling that tech and systems resolve everything. The problem? Less than 30% of digital transformation initiatives succeed in achieving their objectives. Once again, technology blinders have pushed the process out of focus. Our CEO, Klaus Imping, is so passionate about questioning the technology paradigm and applying workflow first, he is the process of writing a book about it. To find out more about this must read coming soon please click below.

The Book