OpenPlatform powered by PointOut®.AI

OpenPlatform powered by PointOut®.AI is a game-changing approach to integrate e2e processes just by “Connecting the Dots”:

OpenPlatform powered by PointOut®.AI allows to configure apps for cross-silo, e2e processes.
These apps overlay and connect existing capabilities from given process- or function-supporting systems,
complement missing business capabilities and allow to utilize smart technology like CI (continuous intelligence) / AI (artificial intelligence) / ML (machine learning).

As a result, the apps put everything needed into the context of a respective e2e process and build the cross-link.
This allows process integration by means of digitalization and opens the door towards cognitive process automation.

“We’ve invested millions and millions in new systems. Yet, we are working in silos. Why can’t I just connect them?”

Good news: YOU CAN!

  • Most systems – NO: most VENDORS – have grown in functional domains. In fact, they want to protect their domains, they want to expand them, they are building dependencies.
  • Our approach is different: “CONNECTING THE DOTS!” is the target, OPENNESS and INTEGRATION the principle.
  • Working on and integrating with industry standards is important for us because it’s important for you to avoid vendor lock-in.

The clear focus: Enabling PROCESS INTEGRATION.

OpenPlatform powered by PointOut®.AI allows to start where you are today. No upfront investment. Process-centricity by design.

Think big. Start small. Scale fast.

  • “Monolithic application experiences no longer meet the requirements … of innovative business users and their customers, now that they demand continuous business agility.
  • Business leaders are looking for application experiences that are creatively assembled, suited to users’ roles and contexts, and continuously refined to reinforce their business differentiation.”

GARTNER concludes as their Key Findings for the Future of Applications2

2 Gartner: 2021 Strategic Roadmap For The Composable Future Of Applications [ID G00433984], Update from 7 January 2021, by Yefim Natis, Dennis Gaughan and Gene Alvarez

OpenPlatform powered by PointOut®.AI starts where YOU are.

  • Start to digitalize and integrate processes pragmatically, start where you are today.
  • Eliminate dis-connects like local excel sheet and workaround right away.
  • Be process-focused instead of (or in addition to) investing big money into silo perfection.
  • Drives process efficiency: less time, efforts and errors.

OpenPlatform powered by PointOut®.AI takes you far.

  • The integration-oriented platform approach is an enabler for best-of-breed and composability, transferring the “microservice” principle from modern application architecture to next generation process architecture.
  • Configuration of applications instead of coding.
  • App-capability to close “blind spot”, e. g. to replace “local workarounds” such as Excel-tools.
  • Open integration to analytical logic domains such as AI/ML and optimization for smart decision support and automation.
  • Approach to enter and develop cognitive process automation towards “e2e Process Control Tower”.

Think big. Start small. Scale fast.
Made by practitioners. For practitioners.