Strategy and Analysis for Supply Chain


Strategy and Analysis:
We integrate.

Bridging the gap between Strategy and Analysis requires integration dedicated to agility, resilience and efficiency. mSE Solutions connects strong process competencies with successful implementation tactics, empowering our clients with innovative solutions based on a proven track record of success.

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Our Approach

The focus of cutting-edge strategy and analysis strives to keep connecting the dots. And so do we.

At mSE Solutions, we align innovative tactics with a comprehensive understanding of the why and a competitive advantage of the how. Our strategy and analysis combination brings a cutting-edge approach, orchestrating next level end-to-end workflows and creating integrated implementations that work.

From plan to action, we integrate data, design and deployments not only as a top consulting firm in theory, but as an action-driven team of highly qualified supply chain planners. As experts with strong process competencies in analysis and redesign and a full history of delivering successful integrations, our vision and mission is trusted by many long-term partners, multinational corporations and industry sectors.

Starting Connector: Workflow

Our approach puts the business processes, the workflow into the center of the descion tree, clearly defining it as the object of digitalization.

Linking the Elements: Open Integration

The "light touch" OpenPlatform connects each element of the individual workflow.

Conquering Tribal Business Processes

The game-changing power of digitally engineering a cross-silo, systems and enterprise solution is the ultimate in end-to-end integration.

What are you waiting for? Unlock the hidden potential in your supply chain and partner with us to make the complex, simple.


Three decades of experience In e2e supply chain management

Process Competence

Strong process competencies in workflow analysis and redesign

Bold Visions

Ability to empower our clients with innovative solutions anchored by bold visions

Why you should try Supply Chain Fingerprint now.

Our innovate strategy not only provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of your supply chain, but also strategically identifies bottlenecks and tribal processes, creating a solution of untapped potential.


Industry: Manufacturing

Strategic insights

Structural and optimization potential

Transactional data analysis

Pinpointing specific business processes with additional potential.

Inventory Savings

Optimize your inventory and save millions dollars.

Industry: Medical

Improve lead-time

End-to-end lead time halved after the assessment.

Acclerate Process execution

Strategic assessment of business process improves the execution.

Inventory Savings

Inventory pipeline reduced by hundred+ millions USD.