Build up


Build up

As the market shifts once more, you might wonder how to keep your system current. Your supply chain is agile, but your system isn't. You're eager for system enhancements to take the next step. Recognize the need for change? At mSE, we're ready to help. Let's take the next step together to ensure your system is agile and market-ready.

Sustain the Solution

Parameterization review

Reports and KPI review

Activate new RR modules

Your inventory has many levers for optimization

Our VES consultants identify potential and raise it on the balance sheet and the P&L.


Step 1: Inventory Management

Exhibit inventory planning and inventory control policies. Review and discuss current parameterization considering current production system set up.


Step 2: Parameterization Review

Compare inventory and sourcing parameters against actuals. Review parameterization for intracompany consistency. Flag out parameterization process gaps.


Step 3: Inventory Optimization

Identify required parameterization adjustments and additional parameter potential. Recalculate safety stock level. Pinpoint areas for optimization potential. Coach and support continuous improvement of inventory drivers.

RapidResponse enhancement

Mobile comm. components manufacturer, USA


Conceptual excellence of business evolution required technical expertise to capture commercial value of new strategy.

VES Solution

mSE provided operational concept to postponement strategy and readied RR.


mSE quickly operationalized concept to enable proof of value and scale into operations.

Adapting for Success: How Value Evolution Services Will Help Your Company Thrive

To thrive in a changing environment – in business and nature – requires quick learning how to adapt oneself. It is not necessarily the most resourceful or most intelligent who survives, but the one most willing to embrace evolution and change.


Meet the expert
Meet the expert

Andreas Radke

Play to your strengths. Complement your weaknesses with the right players on your team.

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Andreas Radke

Play to your strengths. Complement your weaknesses with the right players on your team.

Director Value Evolution Service Practice Lead
15+ years in industry
6 years at mSE