Andreas Radke

Director Value Evolution Service Practice Lead


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Adapting for Success: How Value Evolution Services Will Help Your Company Thrive

To thrive in a changing environment – in business and nature – requires quick learning how to adapt oneself. It is not necessarily the most resourceful or most intelligent who survives, but the one most willing to embrace evolution and change.

Supply chains face continuous pressure to evolve which require the ability to efficiently adapt. But while many organizations get overwhelmed by the complexities of the many changes along their end-to-end processes, a simpler solution may actually be what will help them to not only survive but thrive.
In this spirit, mSE Solutions has developed a streamlined post-implementation approach dedicated to evolving your supply chain organization and systems: Value Evolution Services (VES).  In the interview below, Andreas Radke, Director Value Evolution Service Practice Lead – at mSE Solutions discusses how mSE’s VES Practice is empowering organizations to evolve and adapt towards continuous improvement, partnering with companies of many sizes to create a stable and effective ecosystem built for long-term success.


How does mSE’s Value Evolution Services help organizations survive and thrive in today’s complex supply chain landscape?

By embracing simplicity and efficiency, VES guides businesses towards building agile and resilient supply chain organizations, ensuring they are well-adapted to the ongoing challenges of the digital age. In contrast to nature's evolution, we support you in your evolution with an emphasizes simple yet impactful approaches.  Teaching organizations how to evolve and adapt over time will also maximize efficiencies, reduce cost and allow them to remain competitive in today‘s dynamic market.


Is VES a one-size-fits all solution or will mSE work with my organization to determine our needs? 

As experienced thought leaders in the supply chain management space, we at mSE realize no two organizations are built the same. We first partner with you to understand the challenges your organization is facing. Whether dealing with the aftereffects of covid-related materials shortages, needing the ability to scale but lacking the budget to do so or dealing with a lack of internal skills, we will first identify the what before we approach the how.


What organizational challenges do the VES phases of transformation address?

Our clients’ supply chain solutions should be designed to adapt and evolve addressing the characteristics and environment of our clients. VES offers small to large companies three separate phases of transformation, laser focused on agility, simplicity and resilience.

  • Settle In: If your organization has just had the go-live of a new system and needs a partner to stabilize the solution while the project team is phasing out, we offer a pragmatic solution. Like a coach we remind your organization how to complete a task, identify root-causes of a problem, or enable leveraging a new functionality. mSE’s Settle In phase offers VES solutions ranging from key user training, admin coaching, business process refresher training and solution gap closures.
  • Build Up: Wondering how to keep your system up-to-date with business changes, or do you need help implementing gradual system enhancements that will evolve your business’s potential, keeping it more agile and adaptable? mSE’s Build Up phase offers you an on-demand solutions expert to sustain your solution, create useful parameters reviews, KPI reports, and can even work with your team to activate new modules within the Rapid Response suite.
  • Reach Further: Does your organization lack the time, money or people skills it needs to evolve into an agile supply chain organization? mSE’s Reach Further phase provides role and process building and training. We also identify staff upskilling opportunities and create practical and continuous improvement training, giving your organization everything, it needs to collaborate, learn and grow on its own.


What industries have already used mSE’s VES solutions and what issues were resolved?

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing and Post-Go Live Stabilzation: When an accelerated system implementation created uncertainty throughout the organization about the effectiveness of Rapid Response’s capabilities, mSE’s VES Solution quickly resolved go-live defects, supported deep dive testing and effectively implemented go-live enhancements.  By creating an accelerated system stabilization, VES provided immediate value, leading to organizational buy-in and better user adoption.
  • Mobile Communications and Solution Evolution: Sometimes an organization simply needs an external analysis to realize their implementation may not be ready to roll. mSE“s VES Solution worked with this company to identify the missing gaps in their required technical expertise and provide a more realistic operational concept. Through an honest assessment to postpone implementation, our VES solution was able to quickly operationalize this organization’s Rapid Response investment, create a proof of value  and better scale long-term stabilization and success.
  • Electro-mechanical engineering and Organizational Development: Alleviating senior management doubts about their own potential to grow into a mature supply chain is not an easy task. mSE’s VES Solution assessed this company‘s entire end-to-end supply chain by documenting a baseline, identifying gaps, aligning business processes and conducting lean management training. Through this approach, organizational growth clarity was delivered to senior leaders, resulting in an honest assessment of organizational capabilities, self-efficacy and capacity for supply chain maturity.  In simple terms, the VES Solution provided the roadmap to survive and thrive in a highly competitive industry.


Andreas Radke

Director Value Evolution Service Practice Lead