Supply Chain Digitalization. End-to-End.

We Innovate

We Innovate.

With over three decades of a proven track record and pragmatic experience, supply chain management is a key area of expertise for mSE Solutions.  But providing an end-to-end Digitalization solution? That is how we offer revolutionary innovation.

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A Digitalization Roadmap

Driven by our guiding principle to apply innovation with quick time to value, mSE Solutions creates a full Digitalization roadmap for every client. By documenting planned activities and then creating them in digital form, our Digitalization solution optimizes supply chains by lowering costs, detecting workflow disruptions and providing full visibility for maturity assessments and capacity-based planning scenarios.

Creating a Digital Supply Chain Twin is the first step in fully understanding the digitalization journey. Through a low-cost initial data diagnosis, E2E Visibility exposes gating problems and material constraints and assesses data maturity.  By partnering with Kinaxis and their industry-changing E2E Planning tool, we connect our Planning One ™ Foundations Package, including DRP, MPS and MRP, giving organizations the ability to create real-life scenarios, gaining visibility to the basic S&OP cycle.

Leveraging our Advanced E2E Planning, we make sure any incremental modules are aligned with the overall strategic roadmap. At the end of the digitalization journey, the Digital E2E Nerve Center identifies and detects workflow disruptions, allowing AI/ML to enable decision intelligence and ensure our clients are set up for long-term success.

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What are you waiting for? Unlock the hidden potential in your supply chain and partner with us to make the complex, simple.


Provide key strategic insights through visibility of a full Digitalization roadmap.

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Discover, connect and automate tribal business processes.


Create a competitive advantage through customer value-driven strategy.