Digital Adoption is about the journey, not the destination.


Digital Adoption is about the journey,
Not the destination.

At the heart of a successful digital adoption journey is the willingness to first focus on sustainable transformation. Our Digital Adoption approach encourages organizations to think about process in a strategically methodical way: workflow first.
The result? By mapping out a digitalized e2e state, covering every aspect of your operational workflow, you can build the bridge from your as-is state to your to-be ideal, leveraging digital adoption and driving your return on investment in the process.

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Digital Adoption

Common Challenges solved by our Digital Adoption approach

Root causes

Understanding root causes of poor digital adoptions

Blind spots

Identifying and mitigating future blind spots


Documenting valuable countermeasure strategies that work

Tribal processes

Removing the reliance on tribal processes and manual workarounds

Tired of worrying about wasting time and money in advanced planning solutions?

The time is now to start reaping the benefits of your investment in your advanced planning solution. Our Digital Adoption assessment tool makes sure your company will reach its final digitalization destination with all passengers on board. Reach out to our mSE Solutions team and learn more today.

After Implementation


of advanced planning system implementations do not realize their full value.

Expected Value of a advanced planning solution



Sales lift


Reduction in SC


EBIT ratio uplift

Networking capital


Inventory reduction



CO2 reduction

What is the challenge with Digital Adoption?

Digital Adoption is the New Management Focus

“Digitalization” and “Digital Transformation” are already focus topics on corporate strategic agendas for a while. A lot of investment happened, vast amounts of money and energy have been spent here. Not always with success. Recent studies from BCG, BAIN, Mc Kinsey and others on success rates of digital transformations state that only 30% or even less of transformations succeed in achieving their objectives.

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Tribal f***s up Digital is a must-read

The focus of Tribal f***s up Digital book is a must-read for any C-suite member, leader or influencer who wants to strategically understand the importance of business process optimization through the leading-edge approach of digital transformation.
As a supply chain thought leader and business entrepreneur, Klaus Imping, mSE Solutions CEO, informs readers how to eliminate the pitfalls that hinder adoption, leading companies towards their journey of effective digital change.



How to Make Digital Process Transformation sustainably successful

Podcast with "Let´s Talk Supply Chain": You always find enough reasons to declare yourself a victim of circumstance, that’s easy. The hard way is to raise your hand, take influence and bring things to the right direction.

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Digital Adoption Keeping Passengers on the Train

Ian Smith


Question 1: What are the symptoms of poor digital adoption?

It may be as simple as a report that you were promised would be instantaneous and standard across your organization but still takes 4-5 hours to prepare.  Early warnings of problem that should be detected are not detected, the team continue to firefight and work long hours, staff turnover starts to increase. Poor adoption is not always obvious, many of your KPI’s may be pointing in the right direction but as you start to dig deeper and ask questions, the lack of adoption may become more apparent.

These are the kind of issues that CIOs, COOs and Senior Supply Chain executives might be seeing, and their gut tells them something isn’t right with the project.

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