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Self Service Rental Robots are changing times of Industry

Securing Last Mile. How automated self-service rental robots from Dräger/mSE Solutions are increasing worker productivity by improving the device management in the Gas/Oil and Chemical Industry

Securing Last Mile

How automated self-service rental robots from Dräger/mSE Solutions are increasing worker productivity by improving the device management in the Gas/Oil and Chemical Industry

Before the introduction of rental robots, employees in the oil and gas industry got devices, handhelds, and equipment by walking down to central storage, pick up the item and return it properly after work. These centralized stock units are mostly far away from the employee's work area making it time consuming to get there and having to wait at the checkout. Productivity was affected due to the time-consuming pick-up and return process.

Returning and exchanging of the equipment means additional time pressure. Rental transactions are recorded by hand. Evaluation, monitoring, and service information is error-prone, inadequate and doesn’t fit modern standards of log recording and information technology usage.

Central storage must be staffed by at least 3 people for 24-hour operations. During off-peak hours utilization is low yet availability must be ensured.

Additionally, the manual process requires constant monitoring and training to keep adequate maintenance periods and compliance with security, quality, and regulatory standards. Maintaining accurate transactions logs is a challenge in such a setting. Proper Forecast of need equipment is impossible because data recording is simplified and occasionally erratic.

Here comes the advantage of rental robots.

Rental robots can be set up close to the point-of-use decentralized from the central warehouse. They can operate around the clock, seven days a week. They boost productivity by shortening the walking time and the waiting time.

The location for return and exchange of equipment flexible among the decentralized rental robots. All rental robots are networked with each other. A return can take place regardless of the location from the issuing point. Devices with charging times are returned in corresponding compartments equipped with chargers. All status and service information are available without gaps.

Low personnel requirements. Central issuing offices manage with one shift. Outside of the core times, the rental robots take over the issue/return of the necessary equipment. The ability to borrow is checked directly on the Rental Robot. Quotas can be controlled area-specifically through a wide range of authorization maintenance.

All data on rental campaigns, functional tests and inspections are available centrally in the database. It can be audited. The list of issuers can be shown on a cost center basis, including contractors and many other employee-related pieces of information.

Detailed reporting, frequency, number, critical quantity analysis helps with targeted procurement.

Employing rental robots in the oil and gas industry offers many opportunities. Productivity is increased while high safety standards are effectively supported by process compliance.

In Summary, you can benefit from:

  • Networked decentralized storage locations

  • Permanently available 24/7

  • Material directly on site

  • Material tracking and inventory overview

  • Proper Maintenance information’s

  • Automatic documentation

  • Authorization structures

  • Extended reporting, accessible locally and via Web

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