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Webinar: Insights about the NEW Book "Tribal f*cks up digital"

Klaus Imping and his co-author Michael Ciatto, will share invaluable insights from their groundbreaking new book "Tribal f*cks up". In this webinar, you'll gain access to practical strategies and invaluable knowledge in maximizing the ROI of your organization´s digitalization transformation.

Digital transformation has emerged as the next industrial revolution, presenting immense opportunities for corporate growth and innovation. However, studies have revealed that a staggering 70 percent of digital transformation initiatives fail to achieve their intended objectives. Many organizations face significant challenges in navigating this complex journey.

With the acceleration of technological advancement, the heart of innovation and transformation is still people. When the people of the organization do not adapt the new processes and technolgoy, it neutralizes enablement and sabotages effectiveness.

In this webinar, based on the book "Tribal F*cks up Digital" by Klaus Imping  and his co-author Michael Ciatto. you will learn:

  • The surprising connection between the dark side of the moon and digital transformation.
  •  Real-world examples of typical pitfalls encountered during effective digital transformation.
  •  The crucial role of the mighty middle in driving successful digital transformations.

Watch this transformative webinar and gain valuable insights to navigate digital transformation successfully. Contact Klaus Imping and Michael Ciatto on LinkedIn to stay connected with their expertise.