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Planning as a Service for Kinaxis RapidResponse: We Prepare, You Decide

From a strategic business perspective, companies make hundreds of daily decisions that ultimately impact their overall success. But no one wants to make decisions blindly. Add the fact that many organizations are already stressed by being understaffed or overwhelmed with the speed of today’s business landscape and the pressure mounts. That’s where Planning as a Service for Kinaxis Rapid Response can be key – when you don’t have the time to make focused, agile or high value supply chain planning choices, there is an invaluable service readily available to do it for you.

Planning as a Service for Kinaxis RapidResponse

Your value. It’s that simple.

Planning as a Service for Kinaxis RapidResponse gives clients the efficient and effective ability to decide what works best for their goals, business model, data and planning calendar. By rolling flexibility, reliability and expertise into one comprehensive solution, opportunities are met and disturbances to the execution side of supply chains, mitigated.


"mSE Solutions  were lifesavers.  We just wouldn’t haven’t been able to cope without their planning services”

Project Manager Supply Chain Planning, International Healthcare Provider

How can you keep up with today’s ever changing supply chain nuances? By relying on the expertise of Consultants who combine their operational planning experience with a deep understanding of supply chain process interactions. Through having full access to your planning system, consultants can analyze your planning results and system generated alerts, simulate resolution, adjust according to the results and directly input planning options into your planning system or present them to your Planning Manager.
Select the service duration you need, the level of analysis and the exact skillset your team may be temporarily looking to fill. Planning as a Service features Subject Matter Experts in specific areas as well as end-to-end Supply Chain professionals.


You decide your supply chain planning

Whether choosing to focus on a single planning area or a full end-to-end supply chain planning solution, flexible Planning solutions keep the customer’s short and long-term goals in mind. By directly following a specific planning schedule, value-driven results are delivered when and how you need them.
With special focus on S&OE, Planning as a Service complies to full data security and confidentiality, ensuring your planning engine, analysis, context, simulation and results are in alignment from the start.


Philipp Wagner

Supply Chain Consultant