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Beyond Visibility. How to Move Past Uncertain Circumstances and Map Out your Supply Chain Value.

From global supply chain gridlock to indeterminate inbound, intercompany, outbound and supply uncertainties, times are indeed tough for supply chains of any magnitude. Massive turbulence can be felt throughout every industry upsetting production plans and downstream activities while also potentially resulting in delayed customer orders and product launches.

What can be done to know earlier, anticipate disruptions and proactively avoid uncertainties in an organization’s end-to-end processes?

Klaus Imping, CEO of mSE Solutions, shares his insights on how supply chain responsiveness and business value can go beyond visibility in order to achieve long-term results.

By developing the “Maturity Model for Variation and Disruption Management,” the experts at mSE Solutions help calibrate where a company stands, partner to meticulously organize their processes and strategically map out a clear supply chain path guided by decision workflows and automation.

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Through four strategic stages (firefighting, visibility, digital workflow orchestration and decision intelligence enabled workflows), each aspect of our maturity model is organized around five main characteristics: effective, quick, scalable, efficient and accountable.

The result? The capacity to see the bigger picture, understand root causes of disruption and gain the ability to start small with limited scope, expanding at a pace that is right for you. Through focusing on process, organizations will see the value of decision workflows first, the evolution of subsequent decision automation and be able to select a technology that can be applied to the entire supply chain journey.

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