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mSE Podcast #12: „The Power of Digital Transformation – How Supply Chain Management and IT can leverage digitalization for patients"

Podcast #12 with Jan Wortmann, Digital Lead of Supply Chain and Track and Trace at Bayer Pharma

mSE Podcast #11: "The Need for More Urgency in Digitalizations"

Podcast #11 with Alexandra Stefanov, Founder China Impulse, China im Blickpunkt

mSE Podcast #10: „Practical Approaches to sustainable Supply Chains"

Podcast #10 with Sheri Hinish, Global Executive Partner, Sustainable Supply Chain + Circularity at IBM

mSE Podcast #9: Bridging across Silos with Composable Apps

Podcast #9 with Prof. Thorsten Wuest, Asst. Professor Smart Manufacturing, J. Wayne & Kathy Richards Faculty Fellow West Virginia University

mSE Podcast #8: D2C – Direct To Consumer – and its implications for CPG companies

Podcast #8 with Gene Tyndall, Co-Founder and Partner at eMATE Consulting LLC

mSE Podcast #7: Bringing Innovations – and Success – to Operation

Podcast #7 with Daniel Laverick, head of digital and data solutions at Zuellig Pharma

mSE Podcast #6: Moving from fractured to mosaic visibility – the Supply Chain nerve center and its implications

Podcast #6 with Ketan Shah, Partner in McKinsey’s Manufacturing and Supply Chain Practice & Leader of McKinsey’s SC Planning service line and Ali Sankur, Senior Expert, McKinsey’s Manufacturing and Supply Chain Practice

mSE Podcast #5: „If zebras can change their stripes to adapt to new climates, business leaders can change their paradigms too.”

mSE C4e2e Podcast #5 with Lora Cecere. She is founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights, the research firm that's paving new directions in building thought-leading supply chain research and also a prolific writer and commentator in Forbes

mSE_Podcast#4: “Industry and academia – how can the vision of IT as an enabling system be leveraged for an optimal SC process?”

Podcast #4 with Prof. Martin Christopher, Emeritus Professor of Marketing & Logistics at Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University

mSE_C4e2e_Podcast#3: “How is the digitalization of Supply Chain Management influencing the human resources in companies?”

With Radu Palamariu, Managing Director Asia Pacific of Alcott Global and the Global Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Practice

c4e2e Podcast #2: Emerging trends and needs for excellence in sufficiency of SCM planning software

Podcast #2 with John Sicard, CEO Kinaxis Inc., Ottawa's 2020 CEO of the Year

c4e2e Podcast #1: The Vision of Supply Chain Management – 1979 vs. today

Dr. Wolfgang Partsch, The Inventor of “Supply Chain Management”

Break Down Silos - Get Ready for Digital Supply Chain Planning

Learn how global network planners are taking operational ownership of entire supply chains to cut lead times, reduce inventory and improve global operations.

The Agile Supply Chain Podcast – Klaus Imping on What an Agile Supply Chain Is – And What It Isn’t

It takes more than enterprise resource planning systems and buzzword-friendly technologies like “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” to create an agile supply chain, according to Klaus Imping, CEO of mSE Solutions, a global management consulting firm...

mSE Solutions - Experience the benefits of real end-to-end Supply Chain Integration

Go Digital or Fall Behind, why supply chain digitalization the right way is Mission Critical

Case Study: Supply Chain Digitalization as an enabler to transform from Siloed to Integrated

mSE Solutions as a very different Supply Chain Consultancy

Klaus Imping explains why mSE is a (very) different Kinaxis partner