Supply Chain Management

Breaking down siloes by thinking outside the supply chain box

Fred W. Schellert

“Supply chains are as individual as a company itself: its market position, product range, production network, IT and process landscape, and organizational culture.That is why standard solutions for supply chain optimization projects cannot generate the best possible results. When it comes to effective end-to-end supply chain optimization, it is truly challenging to find the right partner for your company.” says Klaus Imping, COO mSE Solutions.

mSE Solutions strongly believes in the necessity for a detailed cross sectional holistic approach to supply chain optimization. Instead of optimizing the performance of individual siloes in your organization, and thus isolating the coherent processes, mSE Solutions creates an end-to-end view across all departments and business partners involved. This goes from end-customer demand downstream to external suppliers upstream, including the whole value stream and distribution in between. This  end-to-end approach carries huge potential for innovation and is the basis for efficient process optimization and competitive advantage.

The starting point is always your own individual situation. Is your supply chain already satisfactorily? Are customers and market needs on the one side and management targets on the other side met by your value stream organization?  How mature is your supply chain and how will it be affected by Innovative topics like “Digital Transformation”, “Smart Factory” or “IoT”?

mSE Solutions´s unique approach has two major dimensions:
The individual supply chain as the subject or scope of our optimization effort is characterized by the SC strategy, the SC structure and the operational processes that are in place to support structure and strategy. Together with the customer mSE Solutions looks thoroughly into all these vital parts of a successful supply chain, because it has to support and fulfill the respective value proposition of the company.

The offered service portfolio can be described with the claim ”we innovate, we transform, we integrate”:

  • ”We innovate” stands for mSE Solutions’s  consulting approach to get from the current state to innovation, which all starts with a solid analysis of the ‘as is’ situation. The “Supply Chain FingerPrint”, a success-proven methodology to uncover optimization potentials in complex supply chains, is based on primary data analysis and designed to be maximally efficient and minimally invasive.
  • ”We transform” represents the transition from innovative and visionary ideas to an executable and implementable plan.

  • ”We integrate” is where the wheels hit the road and change is put into action. No recommendation without a commitment to implement. mSE Solutions carries out process- and organizational re-designs, ground work for process implementation, data and system integration as well as implementation of 3rd party solutions or customization of ERP systems like SAP.

And this is why the mSE Solutions approach is different to many others:

There are excellent professionals out there specializing on various parts of the supply chain like sales forecasting, purchasing, production logistics. Focused on vital sections of the process, they offer support if your only aim is to work solely on these issues. mSE Solutions, on the other hand, stands for end-to-end solutions, which includes the whole value chain from customer order to customer delivery. From strategy to process, from analysis to concept to implementation and control – including day-to-day operations.

The experienced mSE Solutions team supports its customers with individual concepts and think outside of the normal SC box. And last but not least – no recommendation without commitment to implement – We walk the talk.