mSE Solutions Welcomes Diversity

Dr. Dorothea Gowin

At the beginning of 2019, a law will come into effect in Germany that officially confirms a third gender in addition to male and female. The term used will be “diverse”, and it encompasses all possible gender options and refers, among other things, to the topic of “diversity”.

What does this mean for employers in practice?

The term “diverse”, for one, makes it clear how job advertisements will be titled to avoid discrimination in the future: *Name of the job (m/f/d). This signals that applications from all three sexes are welcome and will be treated equally. The legislation does not, however, specify how companies must directly address everyone in order to be non-discriminatory.

How Will mSE React?

mSE has already been acting according the principle of diversity for a long time. More than 20 nationalities and countries of origin are united in our offices on three continents. The issue of integration has therefore long been an integral part of the company’s corporate culture, for employees and management alike. We have adapted our job postings according to the new legislation, and look forward to all applicants and employees joining us on the road of diversity!