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    Connecting the dots: x-function, x-enterprise, x-system, x-technology.


  • OpenPlatform powered by PointOut®.AI

    Connect systems cross-silos: composable apps for e2e process support.

  • Data Hub powered by PointOut®.AI

    Quick availability of harmonized data e2e will let your SC take off.

  • Fast-Start-APPS powered by PointOut®.AI

    e2e competence made available for quick time to value.

Data Hub powered by PointOut®.AI

Data Hub powered by PointOut®.AI is a ready-to-use data repository for e2e supply chains and more.

It’s a manageable and scalable approach to connecting any points of data production with any points of data consumption.
It enables a persistent single harmonized view of all relevant data, a “Single source of truth” across the e2e supply chain.

Data Hub powered by PointOut®.AI allows to apply continuous intelligence. In combination with our Fast-start-APPS,
it builds the foundation for the Digital Supply Chain Twin, Plug&Plan e2e SC Planning and e2e SC Process Control Tower.

Data Hub powered by PointOut®.AI  - A truly Intelligent Data Platform.

  • Differentiation

    Manageability and Maintainability instead of Complexity

    • As a multi-source / multi-target-approach, the Data Hub powered by PointOut®.AI build a true data decoupling point (n:1:m) for enterprises as well as cross-enterprise
    • All vendors of any Supply Chain supporting software call their data management a “digital twin” or use other fancy buzzwords, yet they don’t do anything ese but supporting one application
    • The Data Hub powered by PointOut®.AI builds an application agnostic data layer with a single harmonized view of all relevant data, a real “Single source of truth”
    • We don’t waste our energy in building technology that already exists
    • We focus on using industry standard technology and adding value
    • This value add is content: extraction interfaces, data model, meta data concept, data quality management, templatized outbound interfaces, monitoring processes.

    Ready to use for Quick time to value.

  • Compelling Advantages

    Speed, Agility and Business Value at lower risk and lower costs

    • Makes integration of systems for decision support – e. g. S&OP etc. – faster, cheaper, less risky
    • Disburdens extraction interfaces from logic
    • Facilitates maintainability of complex flow and use of data
    • Simplifies “exchangeability” of systems / components
      • Helps to stay up-to-date
      • Reduces dependency on vendors
    • Builds the foundation for e2e SC digitalization and integration

    “Enterprises are increasingly replacing older point-to-point interfaces and data flows lacking consistent mediation and governance controls with a data hub architecture. Their goal is to reduce the complexity and brittleness of data sharing mechanisms … Organizations adopting data hub strategies will achieve outcomes dependent on shared and governed data with at least 60% lower cost.” states GARTNER in their Foundational Research on Data Management Strategies3

    3 Gartner: Data Hubs: Understanding the Types, Characteristics and Use Cases [ID G00348875], Updated 16 October 2019, by Ted Friedman and Andrew White

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