How do you deal with your everyday “What-if?“-challenge?

Our service is designed to do risk and impact-analyses on demand and supply and related what-if-scenarios as an input into your evaluation and decision-making process.

We regularly perform certain standard risk analyses and we continuously support you on-demand regarding specific questions that we investigate and analyze.
These “typical” questions may give you a sense of our service scope …

… on the demand side:

  • What are the demand shifts, how to identify and quantify change points?
  • What is the right level of aggregation (product-/geo-hierarchy) to predict demand?
  • Which correlations are significant on these planning levels?
  • What are likely demand scenarios as a result?

… on the supply side (based on relevant demand scenarios):

  • Which customer orders should I prioritize for backlog product ABC?
  • Which supplied items / suppliers hold the biggest risk on my revenue in case of failure?
  • Supplier XYZ / raw material ABC is on allocation: what‘s the impact?
  • Is my production / supply plan focused on the most critical items considering e2e inventory?
  • How can I cope with this demand spike?
  • How can I react to this demand drop?
  • How can I optimize resource utilization, what’s the impact of labor reduction?
  • What should I produce with available material / given capacity?

All based on end-to-end visibility in the complex, multi-level context from downstream customer orders and market demand to upstream material supply. At least as far as your data availability and our art of tweaking it allow.

It is NOT in scope of What-if as a Service to replace your operational SC planning systems or processes.

Quick time-to-value

≈ 2 weeks as of data availability!

Digital Supply Chain Management end-to-end

We Innovate. We Transform. We Integrate. We Operate.

  • Experience of 30+ years in SC process consulting & implementation
  • Independent as a privately owned, solid company ever since
  • Thought leaders: e2e SC believers and ambassadors for decades, inventors of S&OX©
  • Global: Around 100 employees composed out of almost 20 nationalities across four locations around the world
  • Strategic partner of global top-quartile SW companies
  • Committed: No recommendation w/o commitment to implement and operationally support!
  • Trusted long term partner of many clients

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