Managed Services for Supply Chain


Managed Services

Let’s face it. In today’s technology focused world bombarded by external and internal disruptions, it can often feel like your supply chain master plan needs to quickly predict the future while simultaneously paying attention to the past. Take too much time to change your ever-changing planning scenarios and analysis paralysis can quickly become your company’s downfall.

We help you build e2e Supply Chain Strategies of tomorrow.

With mSE’s Managed Services, we help you build the optimized, end-to-end supply chain strategies of tomorrow with the agility, scalability and visibility of a rapidly evolving supply chain planning landscape today.

Our What-If supply chain approach allows you to make informed decisions, anticipate risks and better respond to change, effectively producing quick answers to burning questions. Our Planning as a Service solution leverages our expertise in operational planning with value driven results, allowing us to prepare simulated options while leveraging the action plan to implement them.

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If you are interested in mitigating chaos and choosing a customized supply chain strategy solution that leads to success for your company, read more about our Managed Services below.

Planning as a Service

We prepare – you decide.

From a strategic business perspective, companies make hundreds of daily decisions that ultimately impact their overall success. But no one wants to make decisions blindly. Add the fact that many organizations are already stressed by being understaffed or overwhelmed with the speed of today’s business landscape and the pressure mounts. That’s where Planning as a Service for Kinaxis RapidResponse can be key – when you don’t have the time to make focused, agile or high value supply chain planning choices, there is an invaluable service readily available to do it for you.

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What if as a Service

SC scenario services

leverages the expertise of our innovative supply chain solutions from analysis to redesign, putting workflow into focus as the object of digitalization. From plan to action, we integrate data, design and deployments orchestrating solutions driven from the experience of our highly qualified supply chain experts. Our CEO, Klaus Imping, is so passionate about questioning the technology paradigm and applying workflow first, he is the process of writing a book about it. To find out more about this must read coming soon please click below.