Ian Smith

Director Client Partnerships


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Digital Adoption: The Power of Your People

Change can be challenging. When it comes to digital adoption, not having buy-in from your team can be detrimental to the overall success rate of your company’s digital adoption journey. 

Digital Adoption Blog Article

In this brief interview, Ian Smith, Director of Client Partnerships at mSE Solutions, discusses the critical role of the people regarding digital adoption. Ian shares key insights around the importance of user acceptance, utilizing high-level self-assessments to pinpoint root causes and how companies can unlock enormous opportunities by simply teaching their employees to understand, value and embrace the tools that lead to successful digital adoption integrations. 

How important is buy in from your employees when it comes to any type of process change?

Buy-in from your people at every stage of your digital journey is critical. I have witnessed countless digital supply chain transformation projects that were a greater risk of time and money because staff did not understand or value the importance of their team’s user acceptance or change management level. 

What is the number one reason people resist change? 

If people don´t like or accept a new digitalized process or tool they will naturally gravitate to working with prior tools. User acceptance can be

What is the biggest obstacle to digital adoption? 

If your employees do not understand how, when, and why a change is happening or feel that they do not have enough time to be part of the change, it is easy to revert to comfortable habits. The dreaded workaround, such as rogue Excel worksheets, can rear its ugliness and be truly catastrophic to a company’s digital adoption success rate. In addition, companies often prioritize current challenges instead of choosing to be part of the change that will help their forward progress.

How do you help companies connect the dots to understand the impact and value of digital adoption?

By keeping process at the center, it helps expose the importance of assessing how data sources, support systems and their processes are all interconnected. It is like watching digital adoption light bulbs turn on. Our Digital Adoption Assessment Tool starts by asking some simple questions and documenting the basics so teams can first understand the what and why before they figure out the how and when. 

What tools does mSE Solution have available to assess a company’s readiness for change?

By honestly answering the questions in our Digital Adoption Assessment, it helps you understand where your business may have a problem. When companies participate in our adoption assessment workshops, it helps them find the root causes and work towards strategic solutions. 

How is this accomplished?

By going back to understanding the process and walking it through in digital form, we can help teams diagnose the root causes of their digital adoption stalemates and teach organizations of any size how to avoid sabotage, get user buy-in and transform their digital adoption roadmap. Our team of supply chain experts uses a pragmatic, straightforward methodology rooted in a quick time-to-value approach.

What will lead more companies to successful digital adoptions?

Understanding your process will help empower your organization. Employees want to work smarter, not harder. The more we can collaborate with a company to identify pitfalls, explain practical solutions, mitigate future blind spots, and introduce countermeasures, the more they can truly work towards achieving true digital adoption success.