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Digital Adoption Keeping Passengers on the Train

Digital adoption is a complex journey that often hits several speed bumps, sharp turns and detours along its journey. But can you keep your organization on board while effectively driving to your Digital Adoption destination? Absolutely!


In the interview below, Ian Smith - Director Client Partnerships - shares his insights on the root causes of poor digitalization initiatives, the consequences many organizations find themselves facing, and the assessment strategy mSE Solutions has created to identify risks, detect blind spots, neutralize gaps and help companies reap the benefits of a complete digital transformation.

What are the symptoms of poor digital adoption?

It may be as simple as a report that you were promised would be instantaneous and standard across your organization but still takes 4-5 hours to prepare.  Early warnings of problem that should be detected are not detected, the team continue to firefight and work long hours, staff turnover starts to increase. Poor digital adoption is not always obvious, many of your KPI’s may be pointing in the right direction but as you start to dig deeper and ask questions, the lack of adoption may become more apparent.

These are the kind of issues that CIOs, COOs and Senior Supply Chain executives might be seeing, and their gut tells them something isn’t right with the project.

What consequences are companies facing from poorly executed digitalization initiatives?

When digital transformations suffer from poor adoption the overall results promised will not be delivered and the real transformation will not take place.  Instead, a more complex intertwining develops with the current “workarounds” adapted to fit the new flows, which in themselves require “workarounds” to account for localized processes that were not understood deeply enough and integrated into the overall flow

Thus the to-be process is too superficial, results may meet conceptual “business requirements,” but not address the practical needs. Excel and manual interactions outlive digital integration. Huge investments in digitalization without successful adoption translate to unfilled potential, unmet ROI targets and little to no benefits.

How do companies overcome the hidden discrepancies of digital adoptions?

By keeping it simple. Hidden discrepancies start to become more complex when companies overcomplicate their processes:  Less sophisticated technology with good adoption may yield better effectiveness than the fanciest digitalization without adoption. I know examples where corporations spent millions and years for a technology-driven process of digitalization. The result: a big step backwards with a more Excel-dependent process than ever before. Expand your digital technology at the speed to which the process can absorb and adopt the change. Start small and scale!

How can companies avoid the pitfalls that typically sabotage adoption and capitalize digitalization success?

mSE Solutions has created the magic switch! Our Digital Adoption Assessment is a structured approach which detects tribal processes and focuses on neutralizing gaps between digital potential and practical processes. Whether companies are just starting out, are mid-transformation or they have already implemented a solution, our adoption assessment is exactly the tool companies need to fully realize their digital adoption transformations.

What are the recovery steps for digitalization projects that have gone wrong?

Digital technology is only as good as its practical adoption. We are realistic and enthusiastic in our well-grounded and objective Digital Adoption Assessment. Our four-point approach uses focused and structured measures all designed to improve digital adoption.  

1. We map the gaps:
By providing discrepancy analysis between to-be process and practical as-is workflows, we map the gaps which can often hinder your digital adoption success.

2. We objectify root causes:
Through first understanding the superficial and subsequently investigating the real, we identify tribal processes and investigate why there are deviations of any kind.

3. We recommend remedies:
Never delivering a recommendation we can’t implement; we provide companies with the interrelationship of causes and the best plan to counterbalance them.

4. We assess the benefit:
Understanding not all shiny software will suddenly transform your business, our Digital Adoption Assessment gives you bottom line advantages based on the priorities of your business.

It’s time to reap the benefits. Reach out today and find out how our Digital Adoption Assessment can exceed expected values with a realistic timeline and a strategic return on investment – a Digital Adoption journey that has reached its destination with your organisation onboard.