End-to-End Supply Chain Management

Consequent supply chain management requires the value chain to be considered from end to end. We analyze all influential factors and identify ways of making the most of all the interactions along the supply chain, from the customer to the supplier, and have been advising our clients in accordance with this principle for more than 30 years.

Every supply chain comprises a strategy, structure, and everyday operational processes, all of which we examine in detail with our clients. Our objective is a supply chain that fulfills the value proposition of your company in the market.

The strategy lays down the line of approach, while the structure creates the framework for the operational processes. The structure enables optimum decoupling strategies to be developed in accordance with the objectives of the supply chain and is closely linked with the product design and production process. 

The degree of digitalization, automation, and integration of the supply chain determines how successfully it is implemented into the company's operational processes. The process design determines the IT used and not the other way around. 

Our service portfolio:
“We Innovate. We Transform. We Integrate.”

We Innovate.

From status quo to innovation: drawing on our knowledge and experience, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of your supply chain through our end-to-end evaluation. This enables us not only to optimize your existing processes, but to develop new avenues for you to explore. We show you intelligent strategies for improvement and immediately implement any quick wins that we identify during our initial analysis.

  • Our Services

    “We Innovate” stands for our consulting approach that guides your supply chain from its current state towards innovation. We are analysts, consultants, and designers of successful supply chains who:

    • Understand the purpose of your supply chain and its individual structure,
    • Systematically analyze and diagnose its current state,
    • Use our findings to identify potential for optimization,
    • Create a set of targets,
    • Help you cross the finish line.

    End to end does not mean that we automatically optimize all of a company's processes. Instead, in close consultation with our clients, we focus on specific vulnerabilities or look for a few specific areas of improvement. We provide advice:

    • On individual parts of your supply chain (e.g. product lines),
    • According to specific criteria (e.g. inventories or processing costs),
    • From an innovative-driven point of view (e.g. Industry 4.0, digitalization, big data, IoT),
    • Or for your entire supply chain without any pre-defined specific areas of focus.


  • Our Approach

    The more precise and clear our understanding of the current state of your process chains, the more accurately can we find the right strategies for you. This is why we have developed the Supply Chain Fingerprint® – a smart and proven method of precisely identifying your supply chain's unique structures so that we can uncover potential areas of optimization and turn them into innovative ideas.  

    Our standardized Supply Chain Fingerprint® method enables us to gain a clear overview of the current state of a product's or company's value chain quickly and in a minimally invasive manner. It can be used for a range of purposes: 

    • Finding a strategic approach: e.g. by analyzing the current situation in order to identify a new supply chain strategy or new challenges
    • Evaluating business processes: e.g. in terms of the degree of maturity, excellence, etc.
    • Making continuous improvements: by identifying potential areas of optimization

    The key task involved in this method is process analysis, which is underpinned by primary data analysis. This involves identifying how information and materials actually flow from the supplier to the customer and examining the level of performance in accordance with lean principles. We show how processes are embedded in existing organizational structures and system landscapes. What's more, we use our findings to uncover vulnerabilities, including issues that we can rectify immediately as “quick wins” and areas requiring structural changes. 

    We examine the relevant supply chain processes and gauge them in terms of: 

    • Systematization (organizational integration)
    • Digitalization (technical integration)
    • Design principles (activation principle, efficiency/lean orientation, measured parameters, continuous improvements, etc.)

    Before we can recommend far-reaching changes to a supply chain, we analyze the position of the company and its products in the market. What are the company's unique selling points? What are its greatest opportunities? What improvements will prove worthwhile?

    The Supply Chain Fingerprint® creates a portrait of what makes a company unique and enables us to identify a set of targets for the supply chain. The method provides a solid foundation from which to devise effective strategies.

  • Case Study

    One of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers with numerous production facilities for components and finished products across the globe wanted to optimize its spare parts service, while keeping its stock levels to a minimum.


    • A significant part of the spare parts logistics was not included in the planned process.
    • The manual planning and correction processes were sluggish and complex.
    • Supply shortages and surplus stock levels disrupted plans and tied up too much capital. 

    We used our Supply Chain Fingerprint® method to uncover the complex processes in place at the organization and its global network of branches.


    • Initial areas for improvement (“quick wins”) were identified immediately.
    • Planning time was cut considerably within just a few weeks.
    • Sources of interference and stock levels were reduced dramatically.


We Transform.

From the vision to the plan: innovative ideas may be fast to devise and plan. But do they deliver on what they promise? Do they fit with your organization and market? We turn ideas into concepts that are the perfect match for your business activities. This is the second part of our service commitment to you.

  • Our Services

    Innovative, visionary ideas need to be translated into clear, feasible concepts. Optimizing a supply chain from end to end is a complex process that demands a great deal of input and commitment from everyone involved. It is even more important to plan – and implement – your transformation process in detail and realistically:

    • We dissect the idea - e.g. the "big picture" of the target state - and create a conceptual design, road map, and plan.
    • Agile project management divides the restructuring work into stages that have as little impact as possible on your ongoing business operations.
  • Our Approach

    Besides expertise in designing supply chain and IT processes, we have a comprehensive range of tools at our fingertips to implement projects in accordance with PDCA criteria (plan – do – check – adjust):

    • Road map and conceptual design
    • Program and project management
    • Change management
    • Staff training
    • Monitoring and KPIs

    We adopt a practical, agile, and holistic approach. We immediately implement any “quick wins” – changes that do not impact other processes in any notable way. More complex changes are overseen by a professional change management team and are implemented following staff training, taking into account their effect on other procedures.

    We quickly achieve lasting results by ensuring that our planning and implementation work is interconnected as closely as possible.

  • Case Study

    After taking just four weeks to analyze the processes adopted by our client working in the pharmaceutical and medical engineering industry, we devised a robust concept for its spare parts activities in the EMEA region. 


    • Implement the solutions into a robust concept. 
    • Enable the company to deliver an excellent service while keeping stock levels low.

    Our team used internal and external expertise to develop a full-fledged end-to-end supply chain concept using a cloud-based IT solution.


    • Greater transparency and flexibility during the supply chain management process. 
    • Organization, processes, and IT were optimally synchronized. 


We Integrate.

From the plan to its implementation: we never measure our success in terms of our plans and concepts, but in terms of the results we actually achieve. The third part of our service commitment is that we always implement our ideas. We see our plans through right to the very end – supporting you to make changes whether they involve your IT systems, individual data fields and content, processes, or organizational matters.

  • Our Services

    We have experience in all the relevant areas and solutions for helping companies to achieve optimized, future-proof supply chains:

    • Order fulfillment integration/OtC
    • CRM/digitalization of our clients' interfaces
    • Planning process integration/SI&OP
    • Capacity-based production and procurement planning
    • End-to-end inventory planning and optimization
    • End-to-end supply chain design (push-to-pull, centralization, cross dock, direct delivery)
    • Decoupling strategy, postponement
    • Client/supplier integration
    • Product complexity/design-to-supply chain/phase-in phase-out
    • Material flow design
    • Digitalization of the material flow process (smart factory, smart warehouse)
    • Use of the IoT to control processes
    • Returns/service/repair processes

    We turn ideas into reality by providing a combination of the following services:

    • Process and organizational design
    • System and data integration
    • ERP adaptations (e.g. SAP)
    • Process support add-ons
    • Training on supply chain basics and “boot camps”
    • Monitoring results and KPIs
    • Operational support
    • Operational tasks service (e.g. cloud)
    • Processing tasks service (e.g. “planning as a service”)
  • Our Approach

    Depending on your needs, mSE puts together a team of staff from our various offices and departments, ranging from process consultants to technical IT specialists. Our approach is tailored to your requirements and is based on three key principles:

    • Collaboration: To use resources responsibly and to optimum effect, we distribute tasks in close coordination with you. While building a team, differentiation between external or in-house members is often only of secondary importance.
    • Flexibility: We work on site at your business premises whenever it makes sense to do so. In addition to gaining an abstract understanding of your processes, we want to delve beneath the surface, see how your company operates, and get to grips with how it really works. We work off-site when working on-site will not bring any additional benefits.
    • Global presence: Our network of offices mean that we cover the world's main time zones and continents and can visit you at your business premises.
  • Case Study

    Once we had designed a cloud-based supply chain for the pharmaceutical and medical engineering group, we had to integrate it into our client's existing global system environment.


    • A new supply chain strategy is only effective if it respects a company's corporate culture.
    • The client's various ERP systems had to be incorporated into the strategy.

    The team tailored the new concept to the company's existing structures, initially implementing it in the EMEA region. After it had been launched successfully here, it was rolled out worldwide. Standardized processes were used to support the operational decisions and integration of the IT system.


    • Information symmetry makes planning more dependable
    • Client requests enter the supply chain directly
    • Supply chain optimized in accordance with lean management principles
    • Added value for the client is reflected in the growth in sales
    • Stock levels reduced by 50 percent
    • Turnover improved by 50 percent
    • Service level (% OTIF on line level) increased by more than 4 percent
    • Losses caused by obsolescence and reserves reduced to a minimum in accordance with requirements


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How You Benefit

Effective supply chain management is vital for standing out from the competition in the long term. After all, integrated processes give your company a wide range of opportunities, including the following: gaining a competitive edge and boosting customer loyalty through a value-added-orientated supply chain, using the internet of things for proactive process management, using digitalization for streamlined value-creation processes, and increasing the integration of customers and suppliers. 

We have honed our skills in the area of end-to-end supply chains over the past 30 years. Drawing on our experience and expertise, we work with you to bridge gaps by turning analyses into innovative ideas and strategies, customized concepts, and tangible improvements. We consider the supply chain from end to end, taking into account your company's processes, organization, and IT and turning technological possibilities into sustainable solutions for your business.

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