• A migration from SAP ECC / APO to S/4
    is like moving a big, commercial hub-airport!

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  • C-Level and Senior Supply Chain Executives
    for End-to-End Integration
    of Supply Chain Management

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  • A game-changing concept for digital Supply Chain
    transformation with disruptive power

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  • Multiple case studies on COVID 19 challenges
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We Optimize Your Supply Chain from End to End


We look at the bigger picture by considering the three dimensions that are crucial for effective solutions: process, organization, and IT. The process is our driving force! 

By your side

We support you every step of the way and set great store by ensuring you have access to the same points of contact throughout. 


We focus on creating added value for you by finding practical ways of helping you to quickly unlock your potential. 


Supply chains are complex and highly individual. We work hard to gain a thorough understanding of your production and supply chain and to make it measurable. 


We work end-to-end and leave no stone unturned. From strategy to implementation and from the supply chain to IT, we apply our services across the board from the client to the supplier. 

We walk the talk

Our promise: we don't make recommendations without also offering a commitment to implementing them. Once we decide on a course of action, we are on hand to take the next crucial steps with you. This is what makes us stand out. 

We Innovate

Since problems are rarely solved at the place where they occur, we dig beneath the surface and break new ground. Our tried-and-tested Supply Chain FingerPrint® system enables us to analyze your value chain from end to end, identify potential, and uncover areas of possible development. Whether you are looking to streamline your systems, reduce your stock levels, boost your performance, digitalize your processes, or create a valued-added supply chain, we can help you to achieve your objectives and push new boundaries.



We Transform

We transform innovative ideas into realistic plans. Our experienced change managers support you to make the necessary changes to your company by devising tailored, sustainable solutions. From the analysis stage to the creation of a strategy and a conceptual design, we support you every step of the way and help you safely across the finish line.


We Integrate

We turn plans into reality by designing and implementing processes supported by the appropriate IT systems. Wherever necessary, we adapt your ERP systems and ensure sufficient levels of systems and data integration. We take existing systems, customized add-ons, and specialized solutions using partnered solution platforms as a basis when deciding which system features we need to provide for the process. 


mSE in Brief

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