mSE Executive Network

The C4mSE Executive Network is a business network of seasoned and visionary leaders who have left their marks on Supply Chain as a result from their professional work in industry, consulting or academia.

The fuel that drives c4mSE, our communality is the conviction of the crucial importance of mSE’s domain “Digital Supply Chain Management end-to-end” on the one hand, but also the strong belief in mSE’s strength, unique differentness and the value that this can contribute to corporations.

Keep mSE’s thought leadership ahead of the game. Burst awareness in the SC community. Leverage and expand practical value. This is the joint mission of mSE and our c4mSE-mEMBERS!


Dr. Wolfgang Partsch

Inventor of the Supply Chain and previously Chairman of the Global Supply Chain Network of a big four firm.

Dr. Wolfgang Partsch is a pioneer in Supply Chain Management and an internationally recognized thought leader in this field. In his 40+ years career as consultant, he has played a key role in the development of many innovative Supply Chain concepts. He has a great deal of experience in integrating and coordinating the entire Supply Chain on an international basis with over one hundred major projects in about 20 countries around the world leading to performance and profit improvements of several billions of Euros. He was and is a »Trusted Advisor« for many Presidents and CEOs, who are seeking his views and judgements for complex operational issues within entire Supply Chains (e2e).

Klaus Wenger

Previous Vice President of one of the leading Software Vendors in Supply Chain

Klaus Wenger spent most of his time in the Supply Chain industry helping industry leaders identifying and resolving critical issues in their supply chains in order to continuously achieve or exceed their business objectives. His experience is spanned across all industries from manufacturing to wholesale/distribution to retail and includes all aspects of the supply chain from planning to execution. He held several executive roles with the leading software vendors i2 Technologies and JDA where he developed and managed their businesses in Central-, Eastern- and Northern Europe as well as in Russia. During this time Klaus built a strong network with industry executives and other members of the Supply Chain community such as IT vendors, consultants, system integrators, investors etc. which he can leverage in his current advisory roles.