Supply Chain Fingerprint®

Our unique methodology for the broad
and deep assessment of your supply chain:
Supply Chain Fingerprint®

We consider the complexity of supply chain management in our structured approach to identify the bottlenecks and untapped potential:

The alignment of your supply chain to the business strategy.
The structural assessment in terms of current setup, fit for strategy, and current and emerging challenges.
The assessment of your process maturity, excellence and operational sustainability of organizational structure.
The analysis of your transactional data to identify benefit potential.

mSE addresses the complexity and reach of supply chains with qualitative assessment and quantitative analysis of your transactional data.

Supply chains align the corporate strategy and value proposition with their structure and the process execution. Business processes reach end-to-end, involve the customer value generating activities, the organizational setup and enabling IT.
And business processes leave traces in form of ERP transactions creating an objective picture of the qualitative assessments.
The result is an overview of the potential of your optimized supply chain:

  1. Quick wins, ready to initiate a structured process to leverage these, and
  2. Detailed insights of areas for structural improvement incl their interdependencies.

Manufacturing industry.
With some form of inventory decoupling.
The more complex your supply chain, the more insightful the results.

Reference Case 1:

Automotive spare parts management with poor service levels and high inventory costs.

Approach: Supply Chain Fingerprint:

  • Strategic insights into the supply chain configuration and optimization potential.
  • Quantitative transactional data analysis pinpointing specific business processes with additional potential.

Quick win results:

  • Several million USD of inventory savings;
  • Structural potential for additional benefits.

Reference Case 2:

Medical supply manufacturing on a global, multi-echelon production footprint with long lead times and poor responsiveness.


  • Strategic assessment of business process challenges under given corporate strategy.
  • Initiative to generate global visibility across the plants’ walls.

Result after structural implementation:

  • End-to-end lead time halved,
  • Process execution accelerated by magnitudes,
  • Inventory pipeline reduced by hundred+ millions USD.