ECC-to-S/4 Simplification

A migration from SAP ECC / APO to S/4 is like moving a big, commercial hub-airport!

There are good reasons to make the shift and the new destination is shinier than the old one.

But have you ever thought about the COMPLEXITY of the MOVE? Imagine how many interrelated elements are nicely orchestrated in the given, highly integrated system “old airport” to e.g. let passenger smoothly stop over. End-state, it will be the same in highly integrated system “new airport”. But how to best design the migration while keeping operations smoothly going?

Of course, you don’t have to move an airport, but the move of your integrated
ECC/APO to S/4 is very similar and not less complex. So, what are the options?

The traditional approaches are – no surprise – “Big bang” or “Stepwise migration”. To be honest, considering efforts, costs, time and risk, it’s a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Big bang might be an option – most likely the only viable one – for the airport. Big bang needs perfect preparation, everything’s ready, everyone’s trained, flawless timing and orchestration …
Big bang avoids the “in-between” state of two interconnected systems, but it requires high efforts for preparation, paralyzing the entire organization, to counterbalance the high risk of jeopardizing operations.

Stepwise migration creates an “in-between” state with an old integrated system being dismantled, a new integrated system being built up and a link between both that maintains the overall integration. Less risky and less paralyzing due to the step by step approach. But the link needs to be built and adapted along the migration path, requiring its efforts and related costs.

Are there other options? Not for the airport, but …

Well, we all love SAP for its integration. Starting with finance, it expanded into order management, purchasing, inventory accounting, master data and many other aspects. Transactional integration, cross-organizational, cross functional – fabulous!

But the sphere of operational decision support – such as supply chain planning end-to-end from customer to supplier - is not transactional at all. It results in transactions, yes, absolutely. But its value lies in the process before triggering the right transactions. Highly complex, slightly standardized.

Allow us take you on a journey in pursuing this thought to a conclusion that may open up new options for you. Outside the box. Getting more for less …

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