Optimal Partnership with Kinaxis


Strategic Alliance,
Optimal Partnership

What happens when you merge the strengths of two industry leading innovators? Through combining Kinaxis’ concurrent planning solution with mSE Solution’s consultative vision, analysis and delivery capabilities, our clients will greatly benefit from a collective proven track record of RapidResponse™ experience featuring a long-standing foundation of trusted supply chain expertise.


More as a Strategic Implementation of Kinaxis' Solutions

As strategic and innovative partners, Kinaxis and mSE Solutions combine the strengths of our implementation skills by challenging the paradigm often found in traditional end-to-end supply chains.

Because our talented team is already well versed in Kinaxis RapidResponse™, we effectively guide your organization with expert resources and coaching – all focused on aligning your vision to an agile, value-driven implementation roadmap.

Evolving towards Resilience

In a rapidly evolving world where both nature and the digital realm favor simplicity, mSE developed a solution to transform Supply Chains to future-proof systems: Value Evolution Services (VES). Just as streamlined organisms thrive in their environments, mSE empowers organizations to enhance their existing operations with pragmatic, straightforward solutions. By embracing simplicity and efficiency, VES guides businesses towards building agile and resilient supply chains, ensuring they are well-adapted to the challenges of the digital age. Just like nature's successful organisms, mSE's approach emphasizes the key to survival and growth: keeping it simple yet impactful.

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Kinaxis’ ebook: The Power of Supply Chain Orchestration

Supply chain orchestration serves as a transformative solution for businesses of all sizes, types, and levels of maturity, empowering them to seamlessly oversee their entire ecosystem. This approach fosters agility, transparency, intelligence, and trust throughout the supply chain. Kinaxis’ proprietary concurrency technique brings it all together across time horizons, business processes and organizational boundaries, keeping supply chains instantly and continuously in sync.

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Proven Track Record, Trusted Expertise

By partnering with the industry leader in agility, our team of experts have taken Planning as a Service (PaaS) to a whole new level. The benefits of providing experts, short or long-term supply chain planning specialists who know Kinaxis RapidResponse™ inside and out will give your organization a great advantage. Imagine the relief you will feel when you don’t have to think twice about covering peak planning periods, holidays or sick leaves ever again.

Worry-Free Planning as a Service (PaaS)

Providing expert, short or long-term supply chain planning specialists who know Kinaxis RapidResponse™ inside and out.

Digital Assessment

From understanding where workflows deviate and why, our unique partnership has created pre-assessment questions designed to identify, analyze and recommend the next logical steps in your supply chain journey.

Strategic Implementation

Focused on aligning your vision to an agile, value-driven implementation roadmap.


The Big Ideas in Supply Chain Summit by our partner Kinaxis


Discover more in the video about how Castlery, in partnership with mSE Solutions and Kinaxis, leveraging the RapidResponse™ platform, is revolutionizing its growth strategy and customer experience.This collaboration harmonizes operations, mitigates risks, and fortifies the supply chain, all aimed at providing exceptional customer service.

Panel discussion

Watch this panel of experts on the pace of transformation in APAC, against a backdrop of increasing supply chain volatility. Are companies achieving the right pace and avoiding the hiring/firing cycle that has hit so many. Are there any APAC specific challenges compared to the rest of the world; and how to consider sustainability amongst all these moving parts. How does this pace of change impact the future of supply chain, work, and our planet

Our Partner Kinaxis in APAC

Gain insights from Daniel Lau, Kinaxis Director of Channel Sales APAC, as he unravels the Kinaxis narrative and highlights the distinctive elements that set Kinaxis apart for our valued clients.

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